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$120 per month

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Terms of service: Doggie Doo-Doo has my permission to enter into my yard to perform the services for which they represent whether I am present at the location or not. I, the client, understand that if my gate or property is broken before Doggie Doo-Doo begins service I the client will fix or replace the broken gate, if I choose not to, I the client will not hold Doggie Doo-Doo liable for any situation that arises due to the broken gate or property. If I have a dog which is deemed by Doggie Doo-Doo to be aggressive and intimidating by nature, and or has bitten the technician servicing my yard and I forgot to leave the dog inside the house on my scheduled cleaning day, I understand that I will not be credited back due to the time spent at my address on that scheduled day.